Weight Loss with Apple Cider Vinegar

Can you really achieve weight loss with apple cider vinegar? This is one of the most common questions I get from people when we talk about supplements is about ACV’s effect on managing a healthier body weight.  For some people…it might. But let’s look at the facts, including the pros and cons of adding this sometimes hard-to-swallow vinegar into your diet on a daily basis.

Above all, I’m going to dig into how ACV might be able to help you with weight loss.

Full disclosure –  I’m a big fan of apple cider vinegar. Not so much for weight loss, but because of a few other reasons I’ll get to in just a minute. I actually incorporate apple cider vinegar into my famous 3-Day Cleanse dressing in my book, The Belly Burn Plan and recommend people supplement with it everyday. It’s really popular and wouldn’t have been nearly as loved if it didn’t have ACV in it. I’m happy I included it!

Despite its popularity, apple cider vinegar and its effects on weight loss haven’t been  studied as much as other foods. In fact, weighing at 3 calories per tablespoon, ACV has negligible nutrition. So how can it be so beneficial?

Let’s start looking into that now.

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